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Memories pre- lockdown

Despite the snow we had today and the long wait for Spring, vaccines and freedom, it is always a treat to find a memory that has lain forgotten amongst my files. Today, I found such a memory, written during one of our past visits to Portugal…reading it it makes me thirsty for more!


Ragged palm leaves feathered against the cobalt sky, a crisp, white sun refusing to budge from its perch on the spine of next door’s roof. Heat bringing rivulets of sweat and hot rasping breath with it as it travels through the villa. There is no wind nor a kind and understanding summer breeze to relieve us.
Thus pass the final few days of our stay in Portugal.
The sky hosts wisps of fleeing clouds, the pavements shine, hot and smooth. Sandaled feet slip and slide with ease across the cobbles – safer to tread softly along the road. Fiery heat that sears the skin; we sigh and seek the shade of mutilated Palm trees, plagued by the caterpillar that has scorched their stems and killed their lust.
Yet, we cannot deny the pull this place has upon us, to bring us back, year after year. Carvoeiro calls! We come. Maybe earlier next year, maybe a cooler climate will greet us and we’ll drink in the cool yet balmy nights and not drown in a sea of sweat.
Holidays are times to treasure indeed…

Carvoeiro Portugal
So hot…

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  • patricia60

    Came back to read your warm post about a good trip. We were supposed to have snow last night and I felt cold all evening but nothing arrived. I am spending hours trying to get our vaccinations for Covid-19 but it is a sketchy process and we live in a State that Qanon supporters are trying to kill our Democratic Governor. The mess continues and some days gets worse Oh dear I hope it get to see my Grandees before they graduate high school. I could use a warm vacation and it was lovely to settle in here and read your post. Thank you for sharing your good stories

    • Debbie

      Hi Patricia, Our snow did not last long, nor did we have much here in Hampshire but it was pretty to see while it lasted. I hope you get your vaccines very soon and that democracy prevails across America. I am so glad you enjoyed this post, it cheered me up too as I had not seen it for a while…it was written in 2017 during our holiday as I sat on the terrace I believe. Memories!

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