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A Rumbling in the Jungle…

Good afternoon, Charlie Brown here, after rather a long hiatus…

Charlie Brown
Top Dog for the time being…

Listen – there is a rumbling in the jungle!

I have overheard the Boss talking in excited tones about – a puppy?! If what I have heard is true, my position as Top Dog could soon be challenged. I can’t say I’d mind too much. You see, since my foster Mum, Flossie, left us, I have had to fend for myself.
(Violins optional)

I kid you not, remembering to ask to go out to ‘perform’ has been a trial for me. Since I was a tiny pup, I have not had to ask for anything. Flossie saw to that. She’d give one of her wonderful, deep barks after breakfast (or any other time she fancied a stroll in the garden) and the Boss or another big human, would let her out. I would then slip out with her. I have lost count of how many times the Boss failed to see me there, as I slipped through her legs, as she tried to shut the door before I was fully out. Ouch!

Floss also liked to snooze with her nose hanging out of the doorway when she could. The Boss left the back door open for her…easy for me to saunter past and back again, no problem.

I don’t think I ever had to remind the Boss it was dinner time. Flossie took care of that and breakfast too. She was the one who found me the best toys when I was little and ran about the garden with me. Memories of her rough and tumbles are still with me. I pride myself on having been able to withstand her giant paw prods and rolls and not get flattened in the process!

We went to the vet’s together, we used to go for walks together. We slept together, ate together and played together, (got stuck in a hedge together too!) I relied on Floss for all things, from begging for more food (she was a pro) to barking to come in from the garden.

I think I did my part of course. As the Boss was often wont to say, ‘We wouldn’t know anyone was knocking at the door without Charlie to tell us!’ I am very good at that whereas Flossie has never been bothered and would let anyone in without a murmur.

The plus side of being on my own is that I have the full attention of all the humans. This is not always good of course. I need some ‘me time’. I am enjoying being a little bit spoilt though, well, one has to make the most of things. I have been given new toys, toys that Floss hasn’t ripped to shreds (her favourite pastime). I have had time to become attached to them. I have heard the Boss warning that the family mustn’t spoil me too much (is there such a thing as too much?) as things are about to change…

This brings me to my BIG secret…(oh, you’ve already guessed?)

I am pretty sure that the puppy the Boss and the family, plan to bring into our lives, will look like Flossie. (I evidently don’t look like Flossie but hey, a chap can’t help being small and scruffy)


Charlie Brown

By all accounts, the puppy is one of ten and won’t be with us for quite a few weeks but I have noticed the Boss is already making preparations. The other day a brand new, bed and blanket arrived, this was closely followed by a big wire pen which she put together, nodded at approvingly, before folding away again (humans are odd). I have since seen food bowls and a collar and a pink lead being stored away.
Rather worryingly, I have also heard that I may have to have my toys hidden because I won’t like it if the puppy chews them up…hang on folks! I can handle a puppy…worry not, I am now a seasoned pro. The little, but now grown humans, all seem to have brought puppies for me to look after at some time or other. I have my ways. Trust me!

Well, the household is full of excitement and I am just enjoying what may turn out to be a temporary peace. Paws crossed, this pup will take over from Floss when it’s bigger and I won’t need to worry about doing so much – ah happy days.

You heard it here first!

Puptales, AKA Charlie Brown

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow

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