Blogs I love

There are some blogs that will forever remain my favourites and there are many more I have yet to find. Here are just a few I would like to share:

A Likely Story – Teresa Ashby never fails to move me to laughter or tears. She also provides an insight into Essex, the real Essex, the one where I grew up.

Babies and Bulldogs Laura chronicles the ups and downs of life with three small children and a gorgeous bulldog called Doris. I have a special interest in this one as Laura is my youngest daughter.

Catbird Scout is beautifully written by Deb Shucka. This is a literary gem of a blog. Covering wildlife, children, teaching and life in general, this is a blog to lighten your soul.

Normal is a Dryer Setting provides the key to how at least one family has coped with a child with severe autism and will break and lift your heart in alternate moments. Amy writes from her heart.

Patricia’s Wisdom is just that She writes about life lessons to inspire all to be the best they can be. She also writes some insightful reviews on books that I might never have come across without her.

Positive Letters and Inspirational Stories By Hilary Melton-Butcher, is just that, a collection of interesting and informative facts combined with inspiring comments and insights into life here and abroad with some often extraordinary photographs.

Screenscribbler to paraphrase Welcomes readers to an indecent exposure of his scribblings, bloggy style. Sense of humour intact here!

Zoe Barker Design – Zoe is the middle one of my three daughters who creates stunning bespoke designs for digital print onto fabric or paper. Zoe is multi talented and it is Well worth looking at this one from time to time!


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