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The Angel

Christmas tree
Christmas Tree – missing its Angel

A quick story that may make your spine tingle…

When clearing out my late mother’s house a few weeks ago, I found the Christmas Angel which had adorned our childhood Christmas trees for as long as I could remember. This, the angel who inspired the very angel mentioned in my novel, The Ghost Girl at Angel Cottage.
Naturally, I was moved to keep the angel.
This morning, having put up our Christmas tree, a little early for me this year (like many, I wanted to shrug off the current restrictions and threats with some early Christmas cheer) I stood back to admire it and realised that there was one thing missing…The Christmas Angel.
I looked through the boxes of decorations brought in from the garage…it was nowhere to be found.
Now, I remember packing it carefully in a shoebox last January, so it must be somewhere. A vague memory of seeing it marooned somewhere in the house when all the boxes had been put away, comes to mind.
I go into the barn – yes we have a barn in our front garden – this also inspired the story…I searched upstairs and down but found nothing resembling a Christmas Angel. I almost felt part of the story by now.
Coming back into the house, I opened a few cupboards and peered into their depths. It was then that I saw my mother’s Christmas Angel, lying on a shelf where I had put it just a few weeks before.
Picking it up, noting how worn and tired it looks, I have no option, this is the angel to sit on my tree this year.
Now I am wondering how much of the story is true…

(This ‘angel’ was given a wand at some point which she still holds to this day – we always thought she was a fairy)

Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel/Fairy

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  • Patricia Hamilton

    We have a lighted star story very similar to this except my father’s star light disintegrated when we finally found it! No second light for that gem. I enjoyed your story and your tree picture it will be a grand topper for sometime to come.
    No one home for our holiday this year – too Covid. I am hopeful about our new President but we are certainly watching the house being burnt down daily. Democracy is so fragile and our people are so full of violence these days, we need angel and fairy helpers and some twinkling lights to make our wishes come true

    • Debbie

      Hi Patricia, shame about the lighted star disintegrating but memories live on 🙂 We too are hopeful re. your new President and hope that the violence and unrest does not continue. Sending you wishes for a bright and safe future. X

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