Living Between the Lines

I do as you do…

I can no longer berate Dave every time he leaves something on the car roof and drives off. (The last item was his mobile phone which fell off as he drove down the road and was run over by anon.
It was found some time later and returned and although the phone was no longer functional, he managed to extract the sim card.)

Over the years he has left wallet, phone and numerous other stuff on the roof – most times remembering it before it was lost for good.

Today, I had an eye test appointment. Good opportunity, I said to myself, to go to the shop next door afterwards and purchase a birthday gift and card for the mother of my friend.

The eye test took a while as the optician was running late but having decided, at long last, to go for varifocals, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. One pair of glasses to wear for all purposes – it had to be good.
Knowing I had to be home before 1pm, I dashed into the gift shop and chose a very pretty card and wrapping paper and a small, but delightful, china mug. No, I smiled, I wouldn’t need a bag.
I forgot I had left my own carrier in the car.

Hurrying back to the car with one eye on my watch, my purse still in my hand because I had not put my card back into it properly (not a good sign)I realised my car key was at the bottom of my handbag, beneath the three pairs of glasses, in their bulky cases, that I was going to be so happy to ditch.

My hands were full, I considered putting the items on the floor, the ground was too dirty. I had already dropped my bank card and was trying to insert it into the purse. The roof would do. I laughed at myself for daring to do the very thing I was always warning my husband not to do. It was OK, I knew they were there.
I began delving into the recesses of my handbag and pulled out the glass cases to reveal the keys. Clicking the lock, I opened the door and gratefully threw bag and glass cases in, taking time to push the bank card safely into its allotted place in my purse.

I was aware that the car park attendant was fast approaching and although I had paid using Ringo, I nevertheless, deemed it a good idea to get into the car and reverse.

Looking back, I recall hearing something rolling around in the boot as I reversed…I stopped but decided I’d check when I got home. I swung the car forward and was glad to pull into the drive, quietly pleased with myself for remembering to buy the present.

Gathering my belongings, I had got all the way into the house before I realised that my gift and card and roll of wrapping paper, were not with me. Even as I walked back to check the rear seats and the floor of the car, I knew what had happened. That rolling around sound had come from the roof, not the boot.

Dave was quite sympathetic, if a little smug, when I told him. He offered to drive me back so I could check if my purchases were still lying on the ground in the car park. They were not. I asked if they had been handed into the shop but of course, there was nothing on the items to say where they had come from.

The shop owner was sympathetic and hit me with my own wise words, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ I repurchased all the items I had originally chosen and this time, I requested a bag in which to carry them.

Dave was waiting patiently and we both agreed that the jug in its box, would have broken on impact with the ground. I don’t think I will be leaving anything on the roof of my car again in a hurry. As for Dave, we will have to wait and see…

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow


  • Patricia

    I have done this only one time and I am so careful now! My partner left his drawings for a client project on top of the car and they went miles away as he got on the freeway. He has been fairly good about not doing it again recently!! Not really funny, but a good reminder

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