Impressing the boys

Flossie here.


It’s been an exciting couple of weeks. First, little Doris (now not quite so little) came to stay for the night. Doris and I are still best pals and although she can’t run as fast as me, or corner very well, we get along like a house on fire.

Alas, Doris was only here for the night. Last month, she stayed for a week and I quite thought she had moved in. Doris does get special privileges when she is here. Apparently, she is so well behaved on the lead that the little human, William, can take her for a walk! There is a video to prove it, if only the Boss could embed it here. A screenshot will have to suffice.

William and Doris
William (aged 21/2 yrs) and Doris the English Bulldog out for a walk
William and Doris
William and Doris at the swings

The Boss declared that there is no way I would be as well-behaved as Doris (I thought this a little unfair at first but on reflection, as I careered past a group of children, standing on the bank of the stream in the woods the other day, I did concede that maybe she has a point).

A few days ago we had another visitor. Theo came to stay! Theo hasn’t been to stay for ages, not since I was quite a young pup. The last time he was here I recall Keano getting a little grumpy with him but this time, Ol’ Keans seemed more relaxed. The Boss thinks this may be because, 1) both dogs are older and 2) Theo has been ‘done’. I do not know what this means but it sounds pretty final.

What is that yellow dog doing?

I was very excited to see an extremely large, Old English Sheepdog arrive, I can tell you. I imagined lots of fun and frolics in the garden and prepared my well rehearsed welcome. I wagged my tail until I thought it might drop off and spun in circles. Theo just stared at me. Never mind, I would wait until he was settled and then invite him for a game.

Theo did the usual thing of sniffing round everywhere to re-acquaint himself with the layout of the house. This done, he found a cool spot on the floor and lay down. Well, you’d think I’d have more effect on him than that.

Not one to give up, I bided my time until he had eaten, been outside and had settled in for the evening with the Boss and the family. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He lay there for some considerable time. Surely he’d want to play in a minute?

Flossie and Theo
Want to play?

Aha! Suddenly, my luck was in or so I thought. Theo began rolling around on the carpet and grunting as he twisted and turned on his back. I was ready. I scampered up to him—he ignored me.

I turned in circles—he ignored me.

Watch me spin round!

I made a few playful lunges—he ignored me. What was a girl to do to get this fellow’s attention? I did what every girl dog would do. I put my head down and my rump up in the air and did that swivel thing on my neck. I was pushed up against the sofa as I made this manoeuver. Thus, the Boss clicked her camera and there I was, doing my best to make Theo look at me, upside down and, now I come to think of it, looking slightly ridiculous.

Upside down dog
Don’t you think this is cool?

The world looks different when one is upside down but there was no mistaking what happened next. Theo, stood up and casually walked away, leaving me hanging.

Oh-hang on!
Where’s he gone?

It turned out that Theo was only with us for a short while. The Boss has now taken him to his forever-home in Essex where he will live with the Boss’s sister in her new house. I would have given him one more chance to enjoy a game with me but I’m afraid, in the end, I had to give up.

What did I do wrong?

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow www.theglowstudio.com.


  • Andrea

    Dear Flossie, you did so many funny and fetching things that I can only conclude that either a) Theo is looking for a friend who is perhaps a bit more sheep-like or b) he has so many friends already that he just cannot imagine what to do with one more or c) he has no sense of humor. Whenever I see you I want to play with you. For one thing, you and I have a lot in common (I can do that rump upside down couch thing too). Also, you look almost exactly like my friend Milo. He was found on the streets in Ecuador (hit by a car) by a friend of mine, got taken to a vet and healed up, then brought all the way to the U.S. and right into my circle of friends. Wish you could meet him. The three of us could play like there’s no tomorrow. As for Theo, I’m sure he’ll lighten up at his new home and next time you see him, who knows? He could be tail end up on the side of the couch trying to impress you! Love and good wishes from your dog friend far away in Oregon, Brio.

  • patricia60

    Nice attempts Flossie and you pulled out all the stops to make your visitor feel welcomed. We have a Border Terrier named Lorax who is 6 months old and barks, nips, wrestles and chews up all my toys when he comes to visit. I get rather aggressive towards him, but he does not mind, whereas when we are out walking I am not allowed to be so aggressive towards other dogs. I love to bark at them. I drag the children who attempt to walk me, I am a 16 pound puller, and I love to get loose and I just run and run and run all over – the game chase is my favorite. I put my person though 2 hours of chase just last week, I had to flop down a few times and just wait for her to catch up – she kept trying to get me into Brodie’s ( Schnauzer) fenced backyard to slow me down – I have figured out this trick.
    Lorax is training to be the Librarian’s dog at an Elementary/Middle School in Portland, Oregon, He is going to be “done” soon to keep his job. Even though he is not a Westie he is part of the family.
    Do you know DORIS the Westie who shares life with Keith at Northpeninnegallary.com in UK? Keith has drawn a portrait of me, and we have never even petted.

    Here I go again trying to write a whole post in the reply and SHE says she has a guest post to write and I need to get off the computer…
    Loved what you shared here – keep up the good work. ZIP in Washington State

    • Deborah Barker

      Hello Zip, (love that name) I imagine you tearing hither and thither which, by the sounds of it, you do! I don’t know Keith but he sounds very clever with the pencil/brush. The Boss doesn’t mind long comments, the more the better! 🙂

  • Teresa

    I loved these pictures! How could Theo resist you. Flossie? I’m so glad he’s found his forever home and I hope next time he visits he won’t play so hard to get. And Doris looks lovely walking along with her little human. There is nothing nicer than a little person and their dog 🙂 x

    • Deborah Barker

      Thank you Teresa, I hope I get another chance to impress Theo some day. meanwhile, I shall look forward to Doris’s visits. Her little human couldn’t manage me, though I am very gentle with him indoors, I just get too bloomin’ excited on a walk. I do have a good photo of me being walked down the garden by some other children, a little older than William. As I recall, the Boss was very pleased with how I handled them! 😉

  • hilarymb

    Hi Deborah .. poor Flossie – I feel for you .. if you want to play – you want to play ..

    Love the ins and outs of the Barker household … Flossie you live in a rich world .. little ones and walks to the playground … and scampering in the wood – scattering the local lassies into the stream – now that would make everyone a little ratty!

    Cheers and enjoy your rest … Hilary

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