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Today is my BON day!

I am pleased and flattered to have been chosen as ‘Blogger of Note’ by Sandy and Pam over at Words of Wisdom today. This is indeed an honour. Thank you!

I am also a little nervous since I have read many of the brilliant blogs that have been highlighted over the past few months and I know I am in esteemed company.

WOW’s mission is to help bloggers of substance find each other. They do that by not only offering a place for like minded bloggers to gather, but also by highlighting great blogs each week. Visit them at Wisdom of Words to find out more.

I have been looking at how different people have coped with accepting this honour in the past. Forgive me if my impressions are slightly exaggerated – it is what I do best.

Some have been positively overcome and have gushed their way, tongue in cheek, through a thank you speech for all the world as though they are at the BAFTAs, their virtual champagne glasses filled with virtual champagne and held at the ready. We feel the glamour, the lights, the music…as we race breathlessly through the corridors of their blogs.

Others have rushed in at the last minute, hair a mess, shoes on the wrong feet, children or dog tucked under one arm, pausing only to pin a quick thank you to the door before rushing off again on the school-run/office run/mercy mission and leaving us to decipher their garbled instructions and to wonder how they ever found the time to write these incredible posts in the first place.

Then there have been the ‘extremely cool ‘and the, “am I bovered?” types. These ‘cool cookies’ amble into the room and barely raise an eyebrow before accepting the award and smiling with a shrug of the shoulders.

“That’s great – yeah, awesome. Cheers!” they grin before suggesting we might wander around a bit by ourselves while they amble off to water the plants or just sit back and watch.

So, where do I fit in within this melee of worthy recipients? I suspect that I am a bit of a mixture. I’d love to be really cool and just pin a thank you note to the door and ask you to wander round at your leisure. I’d also love to give a big acceptance speech but because I know that I may have a tendency to talk too much I shan’t.

I have decided to just be myself.

So, I am prepared. I will post this early. By the time you pop in, I plan to be sitting quietly on the side lines, drinking a cup of Twinings Tea. If you are thirsty, I’ll put the kettle on again but otherwise I’ll leave you to wander. Please excuse the cobwebs and the muddy paw prints and don’t be offended if you recognise yourself in any of my posts. Be flattered that I thought you interesting enough to include. Don’t worry if your hear a dog bark or a door bang. I may have to nip out but I’ll be back and if you stop long enough to leave your address, I’ll pop over to your place just as soon as I can.

Sandy and Pam have asked me to direct you to at least three of my favourite posts. I thought about this and decided to pick a few at random since I don’t know what you will like. The following might be worth a visit:

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So finally, may I say, ‘Welcome and I hope you enjoy!’


I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow www.theglowstudio.com.


  • Patricia

    congratulations on being a BON – now I will need to explore more about that site and award giving group, not to mention I have just gotten started on exploring your writing and site…
    Whew! lots of reading ahead of me…

    Katie Gates added a nice picture to the One Lovely Blog Award…I like it…

    I hope I sold at least one of her books from my weekend post – isn’t she a lovely storyteller? What a book The Somebody WHO..and your review on amazon excellent.

    I just was awarded the”cherry on top” award for having a blog with a little something extra….
    I am studying your style here before I post my acceptance, because I like the idea of tea and toast acceptance with room to exit and return…Nice job.

    There is wisdom here…wisdom thank you

  • Lora

    lol. love the descriptions of all of us accepting our BON day. i suspect since i had moved the weekend before, mine was akin to the second desciption 🙂

    congrats on being a BON! i can’t wait to explore around here — looks like my kind of place 🙂

  • Deborah Barker

    Hi Lora, so glad you popped over and hope you enjoyed your visit. Thank you for taking time to comment.

    I love the way WOW introduces us to each other and I will be popping over to your blog again very soon. I am a bit ‘blogged out’ at the moment – must be the pressure of all those lovely awards 🙂

    Need a nice cup of tea… 🙂

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