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What’s so funny?

Earlier this month, I signed up to “Giggle Blog” started by Susan Jane Jones. I believe the idea is to start the month with a giggle or two.
Rather strangely, since signing up to do this, I seem to have lost my funny bone. Screenscribbler also made mention of the value of humour this month and I whole heartedly agreed with him. Since then, alas, my sense of humour gene has definitely mutated.

I have given this lack of spontaneous hilarity some serious thought. It cannot be that I am under pressure to be funny because I work best under pressure, don’t I?
It cannot be that I really have nothing funny to say because I always have something funny to say, don’t I?
It cannot be that nothing funny has happened because there is always something funny happening around me, isn’t there?
Oh dear, maybe I should try a few ‘knock knock’ jokes instead.
Knock knock!
Who’s there?
No, nothing funny comes to mind. The dog doesn’t even bark. Flossie has her own troubles this week of course. She has had several trips to the vet and is back for X-rays tomorrow. As she limps around the house, she looks very sorry for herself. I am sure she will tell you all about it later.

As for me, I have been looking after the grandchildren this week. Now, they always raise a smile and the things they say would brighten anyone’s day.
Take Tuesday when three year old William was feeling under the weather. He had just woken from an impromptu nap on the playmat that had been put down for Arthur, 7 months. I had thoughtfully removed Arthur for fear of him throwing a few plastic stacking beakers at William’s head as he slept.
“Grandma,” William called, as he stumbled out of the room to find me, “My legs are all bobbly,”
Luckily, Grandma had just the medicine for “bobbly” legs and she managed to fix his ‘bobbly’ chair as well.
Last summer, I remember looking after William and his little brother, Elliott, for the weekend. After breakfast, I rummaged in their overnight bags for clean clothes and found some lovely T-shirts and shorts which they wore all day. I sent my daughter, their mother, a photo of her boys to assure her they were being well cared for. I thought they looked very cute sitting on the sofa together.
“Glad they are OK but why are they wearing their pyjamas in the middle of the afternoon?” she asked.
Oh dear, I don’t think anyone else had noticed.
Well, in a last ditch attempt to restore my sense of humour I am posting this video of Elliott, 13 months, who despite being apparently too ill to go to nursery last week, did a very good job of getting me to laugh and appears to be trying to outdo the Oscars which are being discussed in the background. (Laughing Policeman watch out!)

What’s so funny?

What's so funny?

Hmm, I feel my funny bone tingling. Not sure how to work myself up to a really good giggle by April 1st but I am certainly going to try. 🙂

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  • patricia60

    I certainly understand moments of missing humor, sometimes it takes me a whole hour these days to recover from those heavy lifting items of life – never one for a quick quip.

    The sunshine today is making me smile ear to ear!

    I do think laughing babies always brighten me right to the core. My new old computer will not play the video you posted I will have to do that on my KINDLE

    There was a video on You Tube that had triplets or maybe 5 baby boys lying beside their mom in bed – and Dad was behind the camera making funny faces – one would start and then another – it never failed to make me laugh.

    thank you for sharing the giggles and cuteness – Happy first day of Spring

    • Debbie

      Spring! isn’t it wonderful? The bluebells on either side of this post are from last year’s Spring – must get back to the woods and see what this year brings 🙂

  • John Cowton

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Cash who?
    No thanks, but I would like a peanut instead!

    Don’t knock a knock knock joke. If it was good enough Shakespeare, (Macbeth,Act II, scene iii), it’s good enough for me. Perhaps we can start a campaign to get Britain Laughing again, and maybe start a publishing company called “Funny Bone.”

    As you have just illustrated with your delightful video, laughter is all around us. Sadly, people are often too busy to notice.

  • Teresa

    Poor Flossie! Hope she’s feeling better soon.

    Well you made me giggle because I’ve done that too – dressed them in their pyjamas by mistake. Glad I’m not the only one!

    And I LOVE the film. There aren’t many things nicer than a baby’s laughter x

  • Hilary

    Hi Debbie .. oh pyjamas during the day – naughty grandma!! But what fun .. I did used to go to balls in nightdresses way back when .. they cost nothing, yet a ball dress a fortune! You’ll have lots of laughs about that photo .. and be teased for many a year ..

    Kids – they are just great .. bobbly legs – sweetie … and the video .. is exactly what fun …

    I can’t do jokes either … but I love laughing …

    Cheers and enjoy these days with them .. Hilary

  • deb

    Well, you might not be giggling yet, but reading this made me giggle. Does that count? Sorry to hear Flossie is hurting. Hope you find a solution. Nothing sadder than a sad goldie. Which makes giggling difficult. 🙂

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