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Once Upon a Christmas Eve

I have been talking about this for long enough it seems so, at long last, I have taken the bull by the horns and uploaded my manuscript to Amazon. I hope I have ironed out all the layout problems that could affect it. For better or worse, there it sits.
Once Upon a Christmas Eve The Kindle version is available for download now, the paperback version coming shortly. I am ready to tweak the file over the next few days if necessary but fingers crossed, it should be fine.
I am quite chuffed to have managed to upload it by the beginning of December.


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    • Debbie

      Thanks Teresa, this is my first stab at Kindle Direct and I fear I might have made a few mistakes or at least, I noticed an error once I had uploaded and had to republish…hoping my friends who have downloaded the book will be just that little bit forgiving if they see something that shouldn’t be there. I just hope everyone enjoys the story! X

      • Hilary

        Hi Debbie .. I’m going to get the book – will give it a go in a minute – new country, new details etc … well done on getting it out and available for everyone to buy in some format – cheers Hilary

        PS Enjoy the Christmas build up and I hope the surgery has eased off now – and you’re being pampered: without a lot to do!

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