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Just being Grandma…

Sometimes, just being Grandma is great.

Just chatting...
Just chatting…

Wednesday, for instance, is just such a time. 3-year-old Arthur is staying with me for an hour or two while little sister is at nursery and mummy is in a meeting.
On arrival, Arthur informs me that,
“Grandma! I have growed…look!” (I only saw him yesterday.) I act suitably impressed. We establish that he is well on the way to being as tall as daddy.
Once mummy has left, we watch several episodes of Ninja Turtles,
“You have to watch this bit, Grandma, there is an awesome jump in a minute…”
and I have been made to sit on the floor and wheel a bus around while he makes two tiny ninja turtles jump onto it,
“Not like that, Grandma…like this.”
I get it right in the end. Cousin Elliott has given him the turtles apparently. We have had a variety of interesting conversations about turtles and super powers when Arthur decides he needs to visit the loo. This will not be a short trip.
Sitting there, on the kiddy’s toilet seat, the latter being decorated with brightly coloured fish, Arthur reaches out for my hand. I realise this is to prevent me from leaving. This is obviously to be a social occasion.
We spend a short time contemplating life, while he sits there. I think we have covered the origins of the universe and other trivia when he tells me,
“Grandma, I have a Cars seat at home,”
“Do you?”
“Yes, if I don’t have it, I have to hold on, so I won’t fall in,” there is a pause while he considers this fact, “Elliott doesn’t have a Cars seat but he doesn’t hold on either.”
“Doesn’t he?”
“No, and he doesn’t fall in, Elliott is very brave,” he decides gravely.
I smile, “I am sure you can be very brave too,” I tell him.
There is a long pause during which, Arthur sighs and shrugs his shoulders.
“I just don’t know how to be brave yet, Grandma,” he tells me.
“I am sure you will get brave soon,” I insist.
He nods,
“Yes, when I am bigger I will, Grandma, but I just don’t know how to be brave at the moment,”
(It is lucky he is using the kiddy’s toilet seat because his hands are spread wide now as he speaks.)

There is another pause as he eyes the bottle of green soap on the wash basin…
“Grandma, did they put peas in that soap?”
This makes me chuckle,
“I don’t think so, I think they put limes in it, limes are green,” I remark. There are limes on the label after all.
He is not convinced.
“No, Grandma. I think they put peas in it because peas are green,”

About 15 mins later, we make it out of the loo…

Yes, sometimes, just being Grandma is great.

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow


  • patricia60

    I am hoping in my lifetime to experience some grand mothering moments. Right now I have to make due with a 3 year old across the street. I am sad to say this sweetie is moving to Georgia clear across the USA to be closer to her Grandparents. Just have to hope a turn will come. Nice sharing Thank you

    • Deborah Barker

      I hope you experience the joy of being grandma very soon, Patricia but meanwhile, perhaps there will be another little one needing your attention, to take the place of the three year old who is moving away. I am sure you have been a great help to her and her mother. When one lives far from relatives we rely on friends and neighbours. (I did when bringing up my family). X

  • hilarymb

    Hi Patricia – they are funny aren’t they – classic … such a pleasure to read and being Grandma is ‘Just Being Grandma’ … gosh what more could you want! Not having this type of kid .. my god-daughter’s brother was lovingly demanding that I spend most time with him when I went up to stay … and could not leave … and yes, watch here Hilly … it’s going to happen now … I did do potty sitting but not with that little on e- now doing Biology at York!

    Lovely story telling… cheers Hilary

    • Debbie

      Thanks Hilary, whether you mean me or Patricia! They do grow so fast, it is good to make the most of these younger years. Glad you enjoyed the short tale 🙂 X

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