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Calmer and Kama – How about that?

No sooner had the ‘ink’ dried on the page as it were, than the phone rang. It was a call from a chap from an Energy Company. He was clear. I heard his first words. I listened and I replied and thanked him for his call. The operation was painless. Not a Swahili word anywhere.

Did my words of yesterday really inspire this sudden about turn in my ability to hear? Is this another instance of ‘what goes around, comes around’?

I am mildly superstitious and I believe in all sorts of things that you probably don’t want to hear about, including ghosts. Why? One day I’ll tell you.

I had a similar experience with words and consequences the other day, when I could not find my camera. I’d lost it prior to the ‘Help for Heroes Barbeque’ and had had to use my iphone instead. I had looked everywhere (obviously that is a ridiculous statement because, if I had looked everywhere, I’d have found it.) I should rephrase that. I thought I had looked everywhere. So, I tried the method that normally brings things to light. I sat down where I was. Where I was, was in the bedroom by my bedside chest, so I sat on the floor- and spoke the immortal line,
“Well, I’ll never find it now,”

Barely were the words out of my mouth than, out of the corner of my eye, from my position on the floor, I saw something barely protruding from beneath the chest. It looked like the corner of a book so I reached down and retrieved it, except I left the book where it was because in reaching for the book, I had seen a second dark object pushed almost out of sight even further beneath the chest. I grabbed it.

My camera!

Who taught me that trick? I think I first tried it as a child after I read that mischievous spirits hide things and wont let you know where they are until you give up. I am not sure how that squares with my other long held view that with positive thought you can do anything. I positively knew that if I gave up I’d find it?

Anway, whether you think I had the help of a mischievous spirit or that my words merely freed my brain to think laterally – literally, laterally – is of no consequence. The fact is that words seem to hold more power than we often give them credit for.

My meanderings of yesterday, bemoaning the cold callers who confuse me with their garbled speech, resulted in a clean sheet this morning. My declaration that I would never find my camera, led immediately to its retrieval.

I am tempted here, in true Dave Allen style, for those who remember that late Irish comic’s catch phrase, to say:
“Goodnight, thank you and may your god go with you,” I always thought that to be a brilliant way to end a show, one that ought not cause offence.

I am not a Television addict but for some reason these old shows and catchphrases keep popping into my head … maybe there is a reason behind that? I shall think about it and get back to you.

Meanwhile, that really is enough words for one day.

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