A letter from Flossie

Dear Boss,


Here is my lead and here is your coat…is there a problem?

I know you have been busy of late and our woodland walks have been either rather rushed or have failed to materialise at all. Don’t worry, I have taken matters into my own hands. I know you have four small grandsons, two of whom, have needed you more than ever for the past few days. I know that your days have been topsy turvey as your youngest daughter goes back to full time work and there is one crisis after another in her life. Yes, I did hear about the powercut at nursery, the three year old being violently sick in the night and then his mum going down with something akin to the flu and being unable to get out of bed. (All this in the first week of a new job with a husband who has had to be absent for the entire time due to work.) I heard the three year old jumping up and down on the front doorstep and waving to a plane this morning, calling out,
“Hello Daddy!”
That’s when I took matters into my own hands and took myself for a run up the road. It was easy to get past the three year old and the gate was wide open, what can I say? Ok, sorry you had to whistle and call so much and that I barked in someone else’s garden. So, that piece of land belongs to someone else does it? Fancy thatβ€”I was so sure it was mine.
Yes, I know you have been doing the nursery run and I know I made you later than planned. I also know you have been enjoying cuddles and stories with the little people and have been sitting on the floor a lot surrounded by jigsaws and Happyland people. I know how much you love those cute little bundles of rusk, milk and orange squash. (The spillages will come out of the carpet I am sure so don’t worry by the way. I have given it all a good lick.)
When all four little grandsons were here, the best thing for me to do was lie low. Doris and I agreed our strategy. Crawl under the highchair, (easy pickings) and wait for food to fall into our mouths.
The almost 6-month old doesn’t drop a lot; he likes his food too much. The almost one-year old is more obliging and the fare is more varied.
The two-year old hates to be messy but doesn’t like it when I try to lick him clean. I know he will be three very soon of course. I heard him telling you yesterday,
“Grandma,” he said, “I will be three on my next birthday. My birthday is in Apricot,”
(A very fruity way of looking at the months of the year I think.)
Well, with all this going on, it seems to me that I have been a tad neglected. Far be it from me to complain. I have been fed, I have been walked round the block with the babies and I have seen quite a bit of Doris. It has not all been bad. I do miss the woods though, it’s been over a week since I was last allowed to run freely through the trees. So, come on now Boss, the house is empty…here is my lead and there is your coat…

What’s stopping you?

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow www.theglowstudio.com.


  • patricia60

    I know these days are rough on you Flossie but all in all you will look back on them with fondness at Least that is what I hope Zip will say. Zip has been ill with Bronchitis and then his big vaccination left him tired. Then Patricia had surgery on her tooth and took tough meds which made her ill and before that she sprained her right elbow which is making walking a painful tug and pull event…
    What is in the stars this January? What does a dog need to do?
    At least the weather is crisp, sunny and dry – Here we go! Lucky me!

    • Deborah Barker

      Hi Zip, Sorry to hear you and your Boss have been under the weather. I do hope your boss’s elbow gets better quickly. I haven’t looked at the stars lately and our weather is anything but crisp and dry at the moment, more soggy and wet. I will just keep looking longingly at the Boss until she picks up that lead and says, “Walk?” πŸ™‚

  • Teresa

    Hope everyone is well again soon, Flossie. Under high chairs is always a good place for dog’s to be, but watch out you don’t get sticky head and ears! Roll on Apricot is what I say x

  • John Cowton

    It’s not all bad Flossie, just think of all that time you’ve had on your paws to type out your Doggy Bloggy. It’s easy to think out pets don’t notice what is going on, just because they don’t tend to say much. But they are ever watchful, even when we think they are asleep. Thanks Flossie πŸ™‚

  • Hilary

    Hi Flossie – well that was well written .. while you’re waiting your time out for everyone to get better, the boss to have more time etc – you’re obviously getting some delicious left-overs/spill-overs … I’d perch by the computer and start composing your next novel … ?!

    Deborah .. I sure hope everyone is getting better … 4 grand-kids under 4 is a stretch I agree … have fun though .. and loved reading this – cheers Hilary

  • deb

    Well, Flossie, I’m glad to hear your excursion ended well. And it sounds like you’re making the best of the shared attentions. Hopefully you and Deborah will be bounding together in the woods soon.

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