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Taking a bite of the apple

Ok, would you “Adam and Eve it?”* finally, I am doing it. Yes, having been a staunch supporter of the PC and Windows since the dawn of 3.1 I am switching my allegiance. I have purchased an iMac.

I have an iPhone, I have an iPad but to date, I have not had a personal iMac. Up until now, those sleek, white machines have resided at the office and I and my laptop PC have resided at home.

So, you may well ask, what has wrought this sudden change? Is it the advertising power of the Apple sales team? Have I succumbed to the gorgeously simple yet luxuriously tempting lines of the Apple  stock? Am I at last seeing the sense of owning a machine that is compatible with its more vociferous partner when the reverse cannot be said to be true?

Not exactly, although, I have long admired the sensuous shapes and touchy-feely nature of the Apple. No, rather it is the utter inconvenience and frustration of those Automatic Windows Updates that are causing more and more ‘blue-screen-of-death’ errors on my PC.

In the past year I have had to completely re-format my hard disk, three times. Fortunately, I have backed up important data but this does not mean that seeing one’s hard drive crash into oblivion is not seriously upsetting nor that it is a pleasant task to have to restore all software and settings when in the middle of an important missive.

There is no shortage of advice and sympathy on the web for this problem. However, it seems as fast as one problem is solved then another arises. Microsoft seem to have lost their way somewhere.

Other members of the family own MACs. Why has it taken me this long to realise their worth?

The final persuasive element in my decision was having Windows Updates being foisted upon me, with the message that I was ‘missing important updates’ and as a consequence, my system would ‘be at risk’ if I did not allow the install. The blue screen that replaced my desktop once the updates had been added, not five minutes later, was the final straw.

So, I hurried off to the Apple Store to pick myself up a brand new silver iMac. I don’t expect it to be totally trouble-free nor do I think that I will throw away my several laptops any time soon but I already love it.

With the current raft of Microsoft adverts appearing on our television screens, extolling the virtues of Windows 7, and with every Tom, Dick and Harriet claiming, “I’m a PC’, I can say with some smugness, that I am not.

I have taken a bite of the Apple and I am hooked!


*”Would you Adam and Eve it” translation: “would you believe it” (cockney rhyming slang)

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow


  • Lisa Lavis

    I’m with you totally on this (even though I type my reply on my work pc – I do have an iMac at home). PC’s, regardless of how Microsoft try to up their virtues always seem to me old fashioned and nerdy. As for Macs….they are soooo cool! 🙂

  • Patricia

    I got a Mac laptop this time around. I still have not mastered it in any way shape or form, but it is easier for this techie challenged me to use….My IT Girl is a PC snob…
    she says just don’t put all the updates on, She rebuilt my PC for my Christmas present and put on Windows 7…then I have to add the Anti virus updates…nearly as regular as MS

    Happy new computer. I used to think getting a “New” car was the ultimate in the things department – I think now it is the new computer that is the ultimate
    Liked learning that new expression too 🙂
    fun read

  • Deb

    We’ve been a Mac family forever, and couldn’t be happier. Hubby reminds all our friends, when they’re fighting viruses, that Macs don’t get them. I just love the simplicity and ease. I use both because schools here have all moved to PC, but my Mac and I are inseparable. So glad you’ve joined the club. 🙂

  • cj Schlottman

    Good for you, Deb! I have never owned any computer except one made my Apple. My latest is a beautiful MacBook Pro, and I love it. Welcome to easier and more intuitive computing!


  • Teresa

    My friend has a Mac and she loves it – never has any trouble with it – and it’s beautiful to look at! Congratulations on getting yours 🙂

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