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GroundDog Day

July 4th -15th 2019 – (thanks to the wonders of CCTV)

GroundDog Day

The Boss has gone away!

That's Flossie
That’s Flossie!

Flossie: Well, I don’t know what’s going on but she’s gone, she’s definitely gone. I mean, normally, she comes back quite quickly.
“Just going to the shop, won’t be long,” she trills as she grabs the jangly things that she uses to lock the door and start the metal monster.
This time I don’t think she said she wouldn’t be long. Maybe she did. No, she definitely didn’t…but maybe she did…
Hey, Charlie, did she say she wouldn’t be long?

Charlie: Don’t ask me, I’ve been sitting on this toy box thing for ages and there’s still no sign…

No sign yet…

Flossie: Well, what should we do? Wait? Yes, we’d better wait. But she might be back any time so I’ll wait by the door, just here…

Just waiting...
Just waiting…

Charlie: I’ll just stay here on the toy box because I can see everything from here.
-Oh, here’s someone, is this her? Here she is!!! Oh, no, gone…that wasn’t her…but what’s this? There’s a dog at the gate…Wow! I frightened him off all right.

Flossie: Excuse me if I don’t cheer. What are you barking at now?

Charlie: The dog

Flossie: What dog?

Charlie: The dog that was going to come into our garden

Flossie: You sure he was coming in?

Charlie: What do you mean? Of course I’m sure. He’s gone now. Look for yourself!

Flossie: I don’t see anything except hedges and a fly on the window but well done. Did he have any food with him? You can calm down now and stop running round in circles…

Can’t see anything…

Flossie: Charlie?

Charlie: Yes?

Flossie: Stop humping me…

Charlie: Oh, sorry, – got carried away.

Flossie: How long have we waited now?

Charlie: Um, I’d guess about one sleep

Flossie: You sure?

Charlie: Maybe two sleeps,

Flossie: Does that include naps?

Charlie: No, I don’t think so

Flossie: Is she back yet?

Charlie: Don’t think so…

Flossie: How long has it been now?

Charlie: About 3 naps? Hard to say…
-She’s here, she’s here!…I’m so happy! Oh, no, false alarm but I scared that imposter off…I’m so happy again, I don’t know what to do!!!

Flossie: Well done Charlie but, hey Charlie?
Charlie: Yes?
Flossie: That’s enough humping eh?
Charlie: Oh, yes, sorry…

Flossie: Maybe we’d better just…wait…someone will come when it’s food o’clock…

July 5th – GroundDog day
Flossie: I think she has gone…she’s definitely gone. Did she come back when it got dark?

Charlie: Um, the big little human came back at food o’clock. I didn’t hear the Boss. I don’t think she did, but she might have done…no, I don’t think she did…she might be here any minute though…

Flossie: Bound to be back soon…

Charlie: Let’s just wait then…oh, here she is…oh no, it’s not her…but I scared that fellow off again didn’t I?…There is more paper stuff in that wire cage that hangs on the door now though…some is stuck in my teeth…

Flossie: Never mind Charlie – Let’s just wait…
Charlie: But here she is! Here she is! Oh, but no…it wasn’t her after all…
Flossie: I think we should just conserve our energy and lie down.
Charlie: OK. Glad I’ve got you Floss.
Flossie: The feeling’s mutual.(sigh)

Glad I’ve got you…

Boss’s note: No dog was harmed in this episode and The Boss returned from holiday on the 15th July, to a tumultuous welcome – at food o’clock.

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow


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