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    ‘Help For Heroes’ BBQ

    The Barker Summer BBQ has been around for some time and is a well known feature of summer in these parts. Previous years have seen us basking in sunshine beneath blue skies, our guests scrabbling for a place in the shade. On only one occasion have we been virtually ‘washed out.’ That was a challenge! With Dave manning the barbeque outside, beneath a hurriedly erected gazebo, the rest of us huddled indoors. At least, most of us did. The children still insisted on running through the rain to play on the bouncy castle and some intrepid teenagers managed to join them. The guest list had dwindled somewhat as some people…

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    Lamenting Lambert

    Perusing my old files, I came across this little verse that I had been inspired to write and send to the Council Parking Officer, back in 1998. Our local car park had changed its policy over the Christmas period and was now offering a free half hour of parking, with every minute over that being chargeable. Having not seen the small print saying one had to take a ticket regardless of whether paying or not, I found that my five minute stop attracted a fine of £30.00. Despite the fact that the car park attendant saw me pull up and read the sign from a distance, he did not think…

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    New Header for Summer

    This small corner  of our large, partly unruly, garden, just encapsulates my love of colour and contrast so here it is on my blog. My life is one of organised chaos. Had my husband not piled those garden chairs up and placed them just so, they would surely have been scattered about the place, possibly upturned, legs pointing to the skies, like a series of struggling beetles. Even with his ‘tidy minded’ help, I love the fact that everything appears to be jostling for space and that the gate you see dividing the back garden from the front is not really a gate but a hastily erected contraption of wire…

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    No More Ribbons

    Something from the archives of my hard disk – a nostalgic snapshot of childhood (Tidbits) January 1962:  I’m five years old and eager to begin the first day, of the first term, of the rest of my school life. Frost white pavements stretch for miles. My shoes tap out an excited rhythm on their blank pages. A warm gloved hand in mine – mother’s hand. Nearly there, nearly over the bridge that crosses the railway tracks where today, I do not stand to watch the last of the old steam trains chug through on their way to nowhere.  Today I fly past, wings on my heels.  My breath bursts forth…