Works of Art, Tooth Fairies and Fluffy Ducks

The Boss has been talking about me all week. It seems I possess hidden talents. Well, if that is what the Boss thinks, who am I to argue?

It started with a new game I have made up. The idea is to rush up the stairs to my favourite bedroom, belonging to the young human they call ‘Zoe’, and find something interesting. I manage this with ease most mornings though am always a little put out when Zoe spots me before I can make my getaway as she almost always removes my find and sends me packing.

Assuming my mission has been successful and I have found something interesting, I must get down the stairs with it as fast as I can and place it somewhere safe before racing back up the stairs to repeat the exercise. I hadn’t realised anyone else was interested in this little game, until the other day when the Zoe human was distracted and I managed four trips up and down the stairs without being caught.

I was about to embark on my fifth trip when I heard a commotion from the living room. There was the Zoe human with the thing she takes photographs with, aiming it right at my pile of ‘treasures’. I just sat there watching as she went on about what a clever dog I am (that’s a first, being told I am clever for stealing things).

It appears that the Boss and the Zoe human were not particularly impressed with my agility at negotiating the once impossible stairs, nor with the way in which I had carried each object down without being spotted. No, they were waxing lyrical about the way I had laid out the objects. It was puzzling to me. I had simple brought each item down and laid it on the carpet. Now, here they were, saying that my ‘work of art’ should be hung in the Tate! I haven’t a clue what ‘The Tate’ is and can’t begin to imagine why anyone would want to hang a pile of chewables up, but, there you go, humans are very strange creatures.

Chewables in Pastels
Folder, Fluffy slipper. tasty sock and a rubber glove

I think I shall call it, ‘Chewables in Pastels’

Sadly, having praised my artistic abilities until I almost blushed, the Boss then removed all the objects before I could get so much as a nibble.

Mind you, I think my nibbling days may be almost over.  Is there a tooth fairy for dogs? If there is I need one – fast!

It started with a good old tug of war game with Ol’ Keano. You know the kind of thing, he picks up a fluffy toy, I pick up the other end and we tug, tug, tug until one of us caves in.

We have tried running down the garden thus co-joined before now and though I must look an odd sight, ears flapping and legs getting in a tangle trying to keep up, it is extremely invigorating.

Anyway, there we were, tugging away for all we were worth when I felt something wobble in my mouth. It continued to wobble through three games of rough and tumble and a bout of wrestling with a plant pot. (Apt to get stuck on one’s nose, plant pots, but still highly recommended).

Finally, just as I was about to bite into a particularly succulent piece of leather, (oops, think that was someone’s shoe) one of my razor sharp front teeth fell out! I wasn’t particularly perturbed by one tooth falling out, but the thought of losing them all is a little unnerving. I lost another today and I’ve never seen a toothless dog.

I did think that maybe I’d stop chewing and playing tug of war but where’s the fun in that? I may as well make the most of the teeth I have left while there is still time. When the last tooth abandons ship, I can always take up art.

Flossie and Fluffy Duck
Ok Keano - bring on the fluffy duck!

So, come on Keano, bring on the fluffy duck!

Flossie aged 14.5 weeks

A.K.A Puptales

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  • Deborah Barker

    I should think Sammie is about the same size as Flossie, although she is that much younger. She is growing in leaps and bounds (literally). Aren’t puppies lovely? Even if they are hard work at times lol!
    Thanks for taking time to drop in!

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