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A typical writing day…

Here I am upstairs, in my lovely, fit for purpose writing room.
Computer on – hmm, so many emails – must ignore.
Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp on, to keep me calm (a Christmas Gift)
Now, open file. File is saved where? Dropbox/iCloud/Desktop/got it!
Re-read the beginning of chapter two and spend twenty minutes or more changing one word.
Prepare to begin a new chapter.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
Keep calm…

Big old Dog wants to go out
Big old Dog wants to come in
Small dog barking at front door – at delivery person
Now I am here, I may as well save them the trouble of putting the parcels in the plastic box I put there for this purpose…
Carry parcels into hallway – none are for me.
Back at computer, type a thousand words – glasses on, glasses off – staring at the screen all day hurts my eyes. I need a cup of tea…
Both dogs want to go out
Small dog wants to come in
Big old dog wants to come in – changes mind..
Now, big old dog comes in
Small dog barking – someone at the door
Big old dog barking, misses me (I am here dopey!)

Take tea up to writing room, sit back in chair and re-read 1000 words.
Decide to start again.
(save thousand words because – sometimes)

Spend the rest of the day running up and down stairs to let dogs in, let dogs out, feed dogs, let dogs out and in, answer door to delivery people and reassure deaf old dog that I am still here. If she turns her head she will see me.

A short while before I need to stop writing, I open up the original thousand words…

Well, look at that! These are great! Inspired! Perfect!
Trash the rest. (save somewhere else)
Save the perfect thousand words – somewhere.I should have called this post, ‘How to write the perfect thousand words’ – maybe.

Another successful day! 😊

I am an Author, wife to one, mother to five and grandmother to six. I live in the English countryside in Hampshire, UK, with my husband and two dogs and am a non exec Director for Glow


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